Who is considered the most beautiful male in Russia


Of course, to determine the most beautiful man is the same as to determine the most delicious food. Everyone's tastes are so different that one girl will like a young actor from Voronezh, and another is a politician of retirement age. Naturally, the richer and more famous the person, the greater the chances of winning in the list of the most desired and sought-after people. The generally accepted standards of beauty, probably, remain the same. You must be not only successful, but brutal in your own way. Yes, and your figure should be of interest to the opposite sex. But, as each of us understands, there can not be one most beautiful person in the whole country. Therefore it is necessary to separate men according to the nature of their activities. And from there to draw any conclusions.

Naturally, no one conducted global surveys, it is impossible to ask each girl what kind of man she likes the most. Therefore, it is only necessary to be guided by polls in numerous female forums, in glossy popular publications. The most interesting information, of course, can be found on the page site Glaminfo.ru. Here are very clearly described the results of numerous women's opinions. It is curious that the same representatives of a strong half of humanity often fall into the ratings of the most desirable suitors from year to year. Stability, what can we say.

As we have already noted, it is customary to divide men into those areas where they have recommended themselves. It:

  1. Show Business. Here, perhaps, the easiest way to show all its beauty.
  2. Politics. "Servants of the people" more and more often fall on the pages of not only news newspapers, but also glossy magazines.
  3. Sport. It is hard not to appreciate the torso of a football player who rips off a shirt after the winning goal.
  4. Mediasphere. "Blue" screens do not show ugly men.
  5. Business. It's all clear. The thick wallet has attracted at all times more women than the inflated torso.

Anyway, psychologists unanimously assure that, the stronger the social status of a man, the more he likes women. Probably, to argue with this is simply pointless. Women are always attracted by stability and demand. If a man could prove himself not only in his own country, but throughout the world, then you can really rely on him.

Among politicians, the list of handsome men is headed by the current president of the country, Vladimir Putin. Next are Astakhov and Gref. Of the girls athletes distinguish football players Akinfeev, Bilyaletdinov and Kerzhakov. If we talk about show business, the generally accepted beauties are Bondarchuk, Bezrukov, Kutsenko, singer Lazarev. Showmen Malakhov, Urgant and Dibrov occupy the first places in the lists of people who make the show. But the most beautiful oligarchs are Prokhorov, Abramovich and Khodorkovsky.

Like it or not, but the taste and color … Further continuation knows everyone. And you are looking for your most beautiful man! Good luck!

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