Club "Propaganda" (Moscow) - one of the first in Russia


If you are in a bad mood, do not know what to do, come to the night club "Propaganda". Here incendiary music, excellent service, good food. In short, all the conditions to forget the blues and relax to the fullest.


General information

Club "Propaganda" is a long-liver. Having opened in 1997 and having gone through many perturbations in life for such institutions, it still remains one of the most popular places in Moscow.

Located in the center of the capital at the address: Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, 7 night club is a favorite place for many Muscovites and guests of the city. It is very easy to reach it by metro from any part of the capital. You should get off at the stops "China Town", "Lubyanka" or "Kuznetsky Most".

Having worked for about twenty years, the club has retained its style, charm, and relaxed atmosphere. It's always crowded here. Though from 11.30, it is this time that the institution opens in the middle of the week, at least from 12.30 - on weekends. In the evening and at night (until 6.00) - there is always a full house.

It should be noted that in the "Cork", as the club is called by its regulars, you can eat well. The choice of dishes is very large. Various culinary delights from meat, fish, and vegetables are presented. Many varied pastries and desserts, very good coffee.

You can order beer in assortment, barmen will make various cocktails, freshly squeezed juices. Large selection of alcoholic beverages. Prices are quite affordable. The peculiarity is that you can only pay in cash.

Highly professional staff, which is famous for the club "Propaganda" (Moscow), serves quickly, efficiently, treats visitors affably and friendly.


Written and unwritten rules of "Propaganda"

Competent management of the institution contributes to the fact that every guest feels comfortable here, even when up to five hundred people gather. Good design of the room, high-quality furniture, arranged sensibly - all this creates excellent conditions for rest and relaxation after the works of the righteous.

The price of tickets is different and depends on the day of the week. It is a little higher on holidays, but in any case not transcendental. This does not require clothing for special occasions, but in a tracksuit, too, will not be missed. A decent look is welcome.

Strict guys at the entrance will not miss visitors in a drunken state, as well as young people under 18 years old.

The club "Propaganda" (Moscow) is famous for its calm friendly atmosphere. Here they take timely measures to prevent conflicts and assault.


Events, which are famous for "Propaganda"

Particular attention is paid to music. She varied. Far outside of Russia, Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Pereulok (house 7) is known thanks to an event held every Wednesday at the club. This explains the presence of foreigners on this day. DEEP MODE is loved by lovers of high-quality techno. The musicians who work on this day at the “Traffic jams” show the highest class. Sounding electronic music creates an extraordinary mood.

Fans of DJ Sanchez try to visit the club "Propaganda" (Moscow) every Thursday, because it is on this day of the week that Sanchez stands behind the console.

Fun in the club on other days. Working 7 days a week, he gladly opens the door to his guests on Monday, Tuesday and so on.


"Propaganda" - a favorite place of Moscow youth

Some, looking at the schedule of the club, may ask the question: "How can a nightclub work from 11.30 in the morning?". And everything is very simple. The owners have created an institution, as they say, two in one. From morning until 22.00 - this is a cozy cafe-restaurant. Here you can have a snack or lunch, sit with a cup of coffee. You can’t even say that this is the famous "Propaganda" club. Moscow knows how to surprise!

And with the onset of night, everything is just beginning. All Monday evening there is jazz and hip-hop, and at night DJ Andrey Dolshchik lights up. Lovers of beautiful dances come on Tuesdays, when in "Cork" house-style dancers from Moscow dance schools perform. On the program of the environment with its electronic music, we have already mentioned, talked about the "Thursdays of Sanchez", held in "Jam" for more than 10 years. Friday is dedicated to techno music. Weekend parties are also peculiar.

Thanks to this variety of activities, the Propaganda (club, Moscow) becomes the choice of many young people. Feedback on his work is, of course, different. But basically it is a score of five out of five.

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