The highest monument in the world. Sights from around the world


Mankind has always sought to perpetuate its best representatives. This tradition has been preserved since ancient times. It was then that man began to create huge monuments. And today there are impressive with their size the creations of human hands. Among them are the highest monument in the world. About him and those like him will be discussed in the article.

The highest monument in the world whose?

Before you give the palm, we note that the heroes who have found their embodiment in the form of giant statues, as a rule, are deities. For example, only Buddha statues among the tallest are about ten. Sometimes they are collective images or figures of prominent figures who left their mark on the history of their people, country or the whole world.

In such an incarnation of the revered or, at times, by everyone's beloved hero, there is a hidden desire that he remain in our life after his death. But at the same time, the obvious one is to preserve his image in the memory of not one nation or generation, but many who follow him. All of them are cultural monuments of their era.

Monument to Buddha

Today, the highest sculpture on earth is the Buddha of the spring temple. Its height is 128 meters. The monument is quite young - he is only thirteen years old. It was built in China, in the province called Hennan, which is located in Pingdingshan district.

The Buddha of the spring temple owes its name to a hot healing spring that is nearby. Its name literally translated into Russian means "hot spring." This fact is confirmed by the 60-degree water source.


In addition to the world-famous name, there are also such as Buddha Vairochan ("the one that personifies the wisest"), and Buddha Foshan (on behalf of the temple located here).

The Chinese are very proud of their creation and in every way seek to maintain the championship in height. That is why the monument is constantly gaining height. But since from above it is practically quite difficult to do this, the unruly Chinese make up from the bottom, gaining the growth of the Buddha at the expense of pedestals. Originally it was only a lotus flower, twenty meters high. Then the 25-meter pedestal was added. Later they increased two more steps, fifteen meters each. Fearing competition from India, in which their very tall Buddha was also built, the Chinese transformed the hill at the foot of the monument into a huge pedestal. Lifting it consists of twelve spans, and the total number of steps is equal to the number of days per year.

Monument of the Future

It should be the highest monument in the world, and its construction began in 2013 in India, in the state of Gujarat. The monument, which will reach a height of 182 meters, and together with the pedestal, will rise to all 240, will perpetuate one of the politicians of India - Vallabhai Patel. His name is better known in the world as Sardar. Translated, this word means "leader." So Patel called the Indian people for the invaluable merit that allowed to preserve the integrity of India as a state. Perhaps that is why the name of the monument is the statue of Unity. It will rise above the Indian River Narmada. You can reach it by boat.


So in India they decided to pay tribute to the national hero and at the same time remind contemporaries what a real politician should be. Announced the start of the project Narendra Modi - the main minister of Gujarat. As the leader of the Indian People’s Party in 2013, he was just preparing to go to parliamentary elections and was named among the candidates for the post of prime minister.

The success of his party in the elections of 2014 was obvious. This was preceded by the tremendous work of both the party members and Modi himself. In May 2014, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. It is hoped that, taking the cherished chair, the politician will continue the announced construction and will remain true to his election promises.

Memory of Jesus Christ

Christians have their highest monument in the world. It is located in the Polish town of Swiebodzin and was erected in 2010, although the proposal for the construction came back in 2001.


He was initiated by one of the local priests - Sylvester Zavadsky. Later, in 2006, the local councils, given that the citizens of Jesus Christ chose as patron, decided to embody it as the largest monument. However, its construction started only in 2009. And in the fall of 2010 it was completed.

The height of Jesus from Swiebodzin is 53 meters. By its size, it bypassed the Brazilian statue of Jesus, known all over the world (30 meters).

Highest monuments

One of the highest monuments in the world is the Victory Monument located in the heart of Moscow on Poklonnaya Hill. Its height is more than 141.8 meters. Such dimensions are not chosen randomly. They symbolize the duration of the entire Great Patriotic War - ten centimeters per day, which in total amounted to 14, 180 centimeters. Today it is the highest monument in Russia and the second in the world.

It is preceded by the Washington Monument, which is 169 meters in size.


The Victory Monument was opened in 1995, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event of the same name, and is part of the entire Victory Memorial Complex.

The design of the obelisk deserves attention. It is presented in the form of a triangular bayonet, the surface of which is covered with solid bas-reliefs. They depict warriors, war scenes and inscriptions of the names of cities subjected to fascist attacks. The material for the obelisk served as a special steel, which is not susceptible to corrosion.

At a height of more than one hundred meters, the figure of the goddess Nika, symbolizing the Victory, is fixed on the bayonet. Such an original performance of the obelisk, however, is also very problematic due to the fact that the statue located at a great height shifts its center of gravity and requires special fortifications to ensure the stability of a thousand-ton monument. This is done by the whole service, located in the bowels of the hill on which this monument towers.


The most famous high monuments

Among them is the world famous statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil, the Statue of Liberty in the USA, the Motherland in Russia and Ukraine. These historical monuments have already become widely known far beyond the borders of their states. A wonderful addition was the territory in which they are located. For example, the Brazilian Jesus stands on the mountain of Corcovado, which offers a stunning view of the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro. His figure with arms outstretched seems to be trying to embrace the whole world. Because of this, from a distance, the outlines of the statue resemble a cross.

The world famous Statue of Liberty in the United States became a symbol of this country, although it was originally presented to the state as a gift from French citizens. The height of the figure of this statue is 46 meters.

No less interesting in this regard, and domestic sculptures. The monument to the Motherland in Kiev is also one of the highest. The height of this sculpture from the foot to the tip of the gun is 62 meters. Somewhat smaller in size is the famous Volgograd monument, which is called the Motherland Calls. Its height is 52 meters.

All these monuments of culture and history were compared in different ways when compared. It should be noted that, as a rule, the size of the sculpture takes into account the height of the pedestal on which it is located. When comparing monuments, the latter was not taken into account.

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